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Membership information to The World`s Smart Cities Organization

There are two types of memberships.

I. Become full active member payement of a yearly contribution needed – see bellow.  A full member receives priority access to WSCO events (including seminaries, fairs and exhibitions with special discount to registration fees) free copy of the magazine, special prices to access our International Congress and Events, possibility of publishing own materials in the printed issue of the magazine, alerts for special projects and more.

II. Become a member of the  WSCO community. No fees apply. Simple members of the community receive access to special content and have the possibility to publish their own articles in the online version of the magazine, whenever possible. To join our community, please email us to request the form for simple members, fill it with all requested details and send it to the address indicated.


Any legal person or company with an object of activity and professional interest in Smart City Industry may be a member of the WSCO. The new members of the organization will have to assume the status and the Code of Ethics and will commit to respecting them.

To do so, you will need to complete the adhesion form and pay the adhesion amount according to the options below.

WSCO Membership Fee:

– personal/student/professional – 200 euros per year;

– public institutions – 1200 euros per year;

– companies – 5600 euros per year;

– strategic partner – 2000 euros per month;

Being a strategic partner with WSCO involves full access to all business opportunities, participation with us in the implementation of projects, free access to all events of the organization, additional benefits consisting in the promotion of organized events, online, organization of dedicated events to your segment business. This packages are personalized to maximize the opportunities and benefits of the organization’s partner.

Strategic partners have free access to all of the association’s products.

Online application to join WSCO.