Activity report

October 25, 2017 John Marwel 0

The first half of 2017 was a natural continuation of the projects started in 2016, but also an important development and expansion in the international Read More

How a Smart City Tackles Rainfall

February 20, 2017 John Marwel 0

Sensors are increasingly-valuable tools for better understanding, managing, and planning urban environments. In Chicago, for example, the city’s recently launched Array of Things urban sensor initiative has Read More

Contact WSCO

February 18, 2017 John Marwel 0

Eduard Dumitrascu – President: Catalin Stefu – European Development&Partnerships: Sarolta Besenyei – Vice President: Hamudy Omran – Middle East Development&Partnerships: Andra Orloschi – Spain and Read More


February 18, 2017 John Marwel 0

About the WSCO The World’S Smart Cities Organization (WSCO) is an organization working to develop world wide cities and to make a better life for Read More

Private Sector

February 18, 2017 John Marwel 0

WSCO cooperates with a wide variety of Private Sector partners such as business enterprises, including small and medium-size companies, international and multinational corporations, corporate foundations, Read More

Partnerships with WSCO

February 18, 2017 John Marwel 0

The World’s Smart Cities Organization welcomes on its platform, cities, governments, municipalities, academic community, non-profit organizations, systems integrators, leading thinkers, companies, promoters, manufacturers and service Read More

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