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Tennessee to upgrade water infrastructure with $22m budget

In the US, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) announced more than $22 million in low-interest loans for water infrastructure upgrades.   The loans will be distributed through the Tennessee State Revolving Fund Loan programme. The State Revolving Fund programme is an initiative backed by the Tennessee state government and the Environmental Protection […]

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Smart water comes to Raymondville

The City of Raymondville, Texas, has appointed Schneider Electric to address the city’s critical infrastructure requirements and to implement a city-wide water meter upgrade. Raymondville provides water for a population base of approximately 11,000 people within its service area. Currently, all 2,791 meters within the system are manually read by meter readers once every month. […]

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Smart water project helps preserve freshwater mussels

The Ohio River is the largest tributary, by volume, of the Mississippi River. Running westward from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois, the river is home to various species of freshwater mussels. These mussels not only provide a crucial food source for the muskrats, waterfowl and fish that inhabit the river, but also provide important water-quality […]

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What is a Smart City, Exactly? Smart cities encompass six important sectors that need to work in unison to achieve a common goal of making a city more livable, sustainable and efficient for its residents. These sectors are smart energy, smart integration, smart public services, smart mobility, smart buildings, and smart water. Building smart cities […]

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