The World` Smart Cities Organization

The President's message

Together, we reinvent cities!
The development opportunities of our cities are incredible. From the integration of new technologies to infrastructure projects.

We want to be at the forefront of this digital revolution!
WSCO is a professional organization of those involved in city development – developers, producers and service providers and beneficiaries – ministries, city halls, local councils, etc.

WSCO is a non-governmental organization, representative, defending the rights of all individuals and companies operating in the Smart City industry.

WSCO supports institutions and businesses that want to help develop our cities and communities to the same extent as it comes in and supports beneficiaries with concrete solutions, projects, funding options, and specialists in the field.

Our Goals and Vision

  • Developing Creative-Intelligent Communities and Smart City Development;
  • Promoting Smart City concepts;
  • Educating decision makers on Smart City concepts;
  • Protecting the rights of its members and representing their interests in relation to local and central authorities;
  • Strengthening legislation for better development of urban centers – identifying legislative vulnerabilities that can lead to diminishing or stopping the implementation of programs needed by local communities;
  • Create the networking and business channels needed to present Smart City products and services;
  • Promoting the interests of national communities in relation to European or Global authorities;
  • Participation in the work of the Specialized Commissions in the European Parliament on promoting easier legislation and helping communities development;
  • Conducting studies and specialized works on the sustainable development of local communities;


#BuildMyCity is a global initiative set up by WSCO, in partnership with prestigious institutions around the world – Governments, Universities, Companies, Cities, Industry Experts and Visionaries.
The main objective of the organization is to promote the development of intelligent and creative communities and urban initiatives across the globe, to help and support cities that are under implementation or those that are at the beginning. Our projects, regardless of region or country, promote the integration of sustainable smart solutions, but especially the creation of a community around the project.
We have expertise in PPP project development, we know how to finance Smart City projects and, above all, know-how to transfer knowledge from a replicable success project – we identify and promote best practices, lessons and experiences across smart cities.

WSCO is the only global organization bringing together governments, city halls, universities, companies, international organizations, at the highest level with the same interests – the development of the largest community of smart cities in the world.