We help Cities and Nations to implement Smart Cities Concept


Who we are and Why Smart City

The holistic approach of WSCO (The World’s Smart Cities Organization) is inspiring for most of our partners and widely recognized as a functional one.

WSCO is the only global organization bringing together governments, city halls, universities, companies, international organizations, at the highest level with the same interests – the development of the largest community of smart cities in the world.

Since its creation, The World Smart Cities Organization is the only Global Organization with an essential roll in the sustainable development of the communities across the globe. From governments to cities and from civil society to academia we turn vision into reality. Offering a global vision, while valuing national particularities of each country or region, we provide the best common best practices study cases, global expertise and we support cities and nations to implement smart cities solutions.

Our Services: How can we help you?

Smart City Nation Strategy

We have the expertise, science and technology to work with various governments and public institutions to establish the global vision of the country's development.

Smart City Audit

Together with your institution, we are preparing the first measures to implement the Smart City concept. Through auditing, we manage to save investments already made!

Smart City Partnership

We help you connect with the latest and most important technologies, companies and experts in the field!

Financing Solution

Regardless of the funding need of your institution, there is always a source of funding available.

Do you need financing for your Smart City project?


Giant China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC), one of China’s leading state-owned companies, with a large international activity, has signed a financing agreement with The World Smart Cities Organization, which provides for the investment of 500 million of euros in projects of this kind.

WSCO and CNEEC signed the financing agreement for smart city projects on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019.