About the WSCO

The World’S Smart Cities Organization (WSCO) is an organization working to develop world wide cities and to make a better life for people.

We work and cooperate with hundreds of individuals, companies, different entities and political organizations.

WSCO is an extremely active organization and brings together the elite of professionals and experts in every area representative of the Smart City Industry, creating the first elite body of professionals in this industry.

Our mission is to put in contact different people, from different areas with the same interests.

About our achievements

Actions implemented to support and promote Smart City development:

• Editing the first magazine dedicated to Smart City industry – Smart City Magazine (which appears quarterly since December 2016);

• Introducing the 8 international ISO standards into legislation;

• Performing the first Smart City Audit in Romania;

• Organizing Smart City courses;

• Annual Awards for Smart City Industry Awards 2016, 2017;

• Organization of annual Smart City Urban Projects (annual, March);

• Organization of working groups (ministerial, experts, etc.) on signaling the most important problems of the industry, but especially identifying the solutions for solving them. In this regard, WSCO has regular meetings with decision makers;


We established as organization in last quarter of 2016 and we rapidly developed as a main organization in world smart industry. We have great experiences in smart city policies and project implementation.

If you share the same vision, values and mission as we do, if your focus is on creating smarter cities, and you are citizen-oriented, trying to improve the quality of living, please join us, thus making the future cities a better place to live in .

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John Marwel


Within this program, we can deliver to governments and cities the possibility of implementing Smart City projects from idea (vision) to the final stage of implementation.

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