Eduard Dumitrascu, President The World’s Smart Cities Organization – Smart City Expert

With extensive experience in the public environment, Eduard Dumitrascu added to his portfolio the experience gained from the position of County Councilor, Counselor of the Romanian Parliament and Secretary of State within the Ministry of European Funds. He is also the founder of several concept businesses, including smart apps and concept Business Breakfast.

As president of WSCO, Eduard Dumitrascu is one of the most active supporters of innovation. He militates for creating a strong and beneficial relationship between the private and public environments, being part of extensive projects with national impact and international resonance. The World’s Smart Cities Organization was founded in support of institutions, companies, and individuals involved in the development of smart-creative communities.

The World’s Smart Cities Organization has come to be recognized as the main authority and the leader in the smart city industry in less than one year. Eduard Dumitrascu is also the President of the Romanian Smart City and Mobility Association.

John Marwel

John Marwel


Within this program, we can deliver to governments and cities the possibility of implementing Smart City projects from idea (vision) to the final stage of implementation.

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