Eduard Dumitrascu, president of WSCO, keynote speaker at Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019

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On October 1st, Eduard Dumitrascu, president of The World’s Smart Cities Organization and president of the Romanian Smart City Association, will participate as a keynote speaker during the Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019. The theme of his presentation is THE FUTURE OF CITIES | SHAPING THE MODERN CITY.

”Modern cities need a strong collaboration between the four pillars of smart cities (government institutions, industry businesses, universities and civil society) and to use the digitalization effects in their advantage. The trend is to think big, to always evolve and create a better, efficient, greener future through smart technologies. The secret is to generate products, services and technologies that are creative and innovative and improves the quality of life. The future is smart!” Eduard Dumitrascu, president of  WSCO.

Innovations that are changing the city, large-scale digitalization process and urban space development. Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019 participants will face 8 sections, more than 60 Ukrainian and international speakers, over 1 000 sq.m. of innovative space in demo area and e-transport test-drive on a helispot.

On the 1st October 1, Kyiv International Convention Center “Parkovy” is to hold KYIV SMART CITY FORUM 2019. Over 3000 participants will gather on one site to discuss smart city space development trends. The event is dedicated to smart technologies and innovative solutions developing the cities in Ukraine and the world.

Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019 is one of the major events in Eastern Europe as well as a unique meeting point for smart cities’ ecosystem. Government and public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and urbanists will join together to share their best practices, as well as discover new ways of cooperation. The participants will listen to the reports of over 60 local and foreign experts in 8 sections. Follow reference for the event agenda.
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Dan Kinkead, an architect and Director of National Urban Design Practice, USA; it was he, who rescued Detroit infrastructure after the major municipal bankruptcy in the US history. Today Detroit, as well as other American cities, takes advantages of smart technologies to manage buildings, even blocks efficiently. The urbanist will uncover how production of architectural components in digitalization era helps to reduce their price and creating balanced urban space.

Peter Bishop, Urban Design Professor at University College, London, will talk about advanced flexible urban development strategies in response to unforeseeable future and rapid technological changes. For 25 years the professor was working as a planning director in four downtown London districts. He will share the most outstanding cases about the role of the community in urban initiatives.

Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor and an International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City. The speaker will outline the variety of new instruments and services that make the cities and regions inclusive and more comfortable for living, working and relaxing.

Adolfo Borrero, President of Smart City AMETIC and СEOE; he is going to talk about how the Barcelona example accelerated smartization of other Spanish cities. Particularly, about how new technologies and artificial intelligence changed Malaga, Valencia and Balearic Islands.

Eduard Dumitrascu, President of the World Organization Smart Cities, Fred Jones, Head of “New Mobility” section at Uber in Great Britain and Ireland, Dmytro Aranchii, Chief Architect at Dmytro Aranchii Architects studio and author of “Algorythmic Approach to Architectural Shaping” as well as other experts, will also speak about urban smart technologies.

One of the main topics of the Forum is digitalization of Kyiv city and Ukrainian cities as an efficient instrument for urban space transformation for the sake of citizens’ comfort and safety. Short talk will take place in the “Smart City. A Country in a Smartphone” section. It will cover the global trends in urban development, among which payment systems’ unification and active application of Big Data. The city officials will present development of smart digital infrastructure of Kyiv city and will share their plans for the following year.

Yuri Nazarov, Head of Information and Communication Technologies Department of Kyiv City State Administration gave his comments: “We gather the latest smart solutions developments at Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019. I am convinced that the combinations of the world experts’ opinions and Kyiv city experience, to be presented this year, are relevant to Ukraine, which is aiming to become “a country in a smartphone”, more than ever”.

The Forum will also focus on the Smart Environment aspect, namely, on innovative ecosystems and energy resources consumption monitoring technologies and environmental conditions evaluation. Matthias Vogel, Executive Director for Waste Management in Central and Eastern Europe, Director for Ukraine VEOLIA, will share his knowledge about environmental approaches in the context of a modern city. The participants will as well discuss waste sorting as a new dimension of conscious citizenhood.

Yaroslava Boyko, coordinator of Kyiv Smart City initiative, commented: “We witness how Kyiv becomes even more environmentally-friendly. I am proud that 2 Saliutna street, the first “smart” street in our capital, gives vector of brand new living standards for Kyiv citizens. Today 12 surveillance cameras guarantee high level of security, “smart” illumination with remote energy control saves electricity, ramps and relief coating facilitate movement of disabled people. We established the first in Ukraine fixed system of air quality monitoring.”

In the demo area with an area over 1,000 sq.m. the participants will be able to test top-companies’ technological market smart-tools and inventions. A test-drive of electrocars and hybrids will take place on Kyiv International Convention Center “Parkovy” helispot, with an area of over 6,000 sq.m.

Smart City 2019 — an annual awarding ceremony for cities-innovators. The urban development leaders will be awarded within this forum. Ukrainian cities will present their achievements in implementing smart solutions in their infrastructure. The best city projects, social and public initiatives will be defined in 5 following nominations:
1. Open innovative city
2. The best city transport model
3. The most comfortable city for living
4. The city of startups
5. Ecologically-friendly city

An expert jury will analyze all applications and determine the best participants in each area. The contest is aimed at drawing attention to the application of innovative services for urban infrastructure development, as well as introducing the society to the largest smart-achievements of Ukraine.

Forum title sponsor: Visa. Platinum-sponsors: ELKO. General Innovation Partner: Vodafone. Urban mobility partner: Uber. Gold-sponsors: CISCO / ERC / IT.Integrator. Silver-sponsors: HIKVISION, Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Sophela / ERC / LANTEC. Media partners: magazine FOCUS, Correspondent, Nash Kyiv,, BUKVY, WSCO, Asociația Română pentru Smart City și Mobilitate.

Kyiv Smart City urban initiative unites Kyiv citizens, entrepreneurs, activists and city authorities in order to transform Kyiv into innovative, digital and progressive city. The organization activity rests on open data and transparent management principles. We develop digital infrastructure not only in the capital, but we unite those ready to create cities for people.

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Within this program, we can deliver to governments and cities the possibility of implementing Smart City projects from idea (vision) to the final stage of implementation.

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