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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Eduard Dumitrascu

WSCO President

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#BuildMyCity is a global initiative set up by WSCO, in partnership with prestigious institutions around the world – Governments, Universities, Companies, Cities, Industry Experts and Visionaries.
The main objective of the organization is to promote the development of intelligent and creative communities and urban initiatives across the globe, to help and support cities that are under implementation or those that are at the beginning. Our projects, regardless of region or country, promote the integration of sustainable smart solutions, but especially the creation of a community around the project.
We have expertise in PPP project development, we know how to finance Smart City projects and, above all, know-how to transfer knowledge from a replicable success project – we identify and promote best practices, lessons and experiences across smart cities.

WSCO is the only global organization bringing together governments, city halls, universities, companies, international organizations, at the highest level with the same interests – the development of the largest community of smart cities in the world.

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The goal of our program (#BuildMyCity) is to evaluate Cities and Smart City Projects, to make an audit with the best specialists and experts and then come up with a clear set of recommendations.
Our Audit includes the analysis of the projects already implemented, their integration into the future project as well as a set of recommendations on the planning and priorities of the community.
Our model (audit and recommendations) includes implementing various projects in collaboration with experts, private companies, global initiatives, and finding financing sources.
Our organization can manage the implementation of a Smart City project from the initial idea stage to its delivery to the community – in all these stages we provide the best experts in the fields, the highest level partners and, where necessary, we propose financing sources.

From Europe to Asia and from the US to Africa, we are witnessing accelerated urbanization all over the world. Communities and decision-makers need us – we are here and we are ready!

Experience has taught us that it is extremely important for these projects to establish partnerships between the public and private sectors. WSCO deals with the intersectorial development of partnerships and the realization of a Smart City Project. A good Smart City Project is built on four main pillars – Public Institutions, Academia, Private Companies and, obviously, Civil Society.

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Smart City Industry Awards 2018

We are pleased to recommend SCIA 2018 because it is one of the most important events and has a great access to the Central and Eastern European market with tens of billions of euro budgets in the years to come

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