London expands smart lighting

The Open Standards-based firm is looking to connect around 28,000 smart street lights in the City of London and the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham.

Silver Spring Networks has already deployed its Starfish platform-as-a-service throughout the City of Westminster, which is based on the company’s existing, secure wireless network and data platform, built on the Wi-SUN IoT mesh technology specification. The company is also a founding member and co-chair of the Wi-SUN Alliance, which aims to drive the interoperability of wireless solutions based on the IEEE 802.15.4g standard.

Now, Silver Spring Networks is looking to build on these strengths through a partnership with DW Windsor Group-owned living network company Urbancontrol. The companies aim to connect approximately 12,000 smart street lights in the City of London and 15,500 smart street lights in Barking and Dagenham.

Silver Spring Networks aims for total coverage

Ayse Ildeniz, chief operating officer of Silver Spring Networks, said: “We are excited that our go-to-market strategy is gaining momentum internationally, with our newest award in the UK, and we are honored to expand our deployment in London,”

“London demonstrates that world-class cities rely on technology that is proven to be secure, reliable, [and] scalable.”

Through the platform, Silver Spring Networks is looking to provide 100 percent coverage in the dense urban setting of London – including streets, lanes and alleyways. Supposedly, these are areas where cellular coverage is currently poor.

Making London greener

Giles Radford, highways manager of the City of London Corporation, said: “’The Square Mile’ is a global financial hub and Central Business District through which over 450,000 commuters pass through daily. The smart street lights will help the City of London achieve its energy savings goals and reduce operational costs, while also improving service reliability and helping to lay a platform for future IoT applications.”

“The reliability, resilience and cyber security of the system were key requirements for us. We thoroughly evaluated technology options which were proven to connect critical devices at-scale, and guarantee highly reliable coverage, regardless of where the device is connected in the City.”

In East London, the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham are aiming to improve energy efficiency by investing in the platform. It’s become a core part of the boroughs’ goal to become the Green Energy Capital of London.

Stuart Wilson, director of Urbancontrol, added: “We believe that our city customers are setting an exemplary example for smart lighting and broader IoT deployments in London and across the UK market.”

Silver Spring Networks has already deployed its technology in Bristol, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Glasgow, Kolkata, Melbourne, Mexico City, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Washington, D.C.


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