Schneider Electric launches new smart building platform

Targeting the smart city environment, Schneider Electric has launched EcoStruxure Building, a new platform designed to support the management of smart buildings.

As the latest addition to the company’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play open architecture, EcoStruxure, the new solution integrates both system and application data covering an entire building operation into one single interface.

Users of the platform are able to monitor and interact different functions of the building, which includes tracking energy usage, overseeing access control and instruction detection, as well accessing fire system data in the Cloud

Philippe Delorme, executive committee member and EVP of Building and IT Business at Schneider Electric, said: “Today, our customers have a significant opportunity to improve their buildings’ lifetime efficiency, occupant comfort and productivity due to EcoStruxure Building.

He added: “The proliferation of connected, intelligent systems and devices generates mountains of data that our customers and partners can now leverage, making building management as easy as ABC.”

The new platform also comes equipped with two components, Building Advisor and Workplace Advisor, which utilises data and analytics to evaluate various aspects of the building’s performance in real-time and advise possible actions.

Building advisor monitors building performance and in addition to diagnosing issues, also makes recommendations for reducing energy and maintenance costs by 30%. Workplace advisor on the other hand helps users maximise facility usage by space evaluation.

Delorme added: “Today’s organisations need actionable information in real time so they can make smarter decisions about how their buildings are run to create more productive, agile, collaborative working environments.

“EcoStruxure Building provides customers with easy access to a comprehensive smart building portfolio of solutions that drive measurable, impactful results required to succeed in today’s fast-paced, always-on world.”

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