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Any project to develop an intelligent creative community requires dedication, vision, resources and time. It is important to understand the way we want to go, but especially what is the destination – how do we want to show our city or community at the end?
For this, it is good to understand that we need a clear set of indicators that will allow us to understand where we are, but especially where we want to reach. Our organization is involved in the management of the 8 international ISO for Smart City and with our experts you can be convinced that the audit will not only be a reality but will include all key indicators needed.

Based on International ISO (ISO) standards, and taking into account indicators promoted by the European Commission (EC) and our experience, we have developed a set of KPIs for Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC) in making cities smarter and more sustainable.

City benefits

  • City decision makers know exactly where they are – the real picture at the time of the audit
  • Cities can make a minimal prediction of the effort required to implement the smart city concept
  • You can access funding and get in touch with various entities ready to invest in your smart city project
  • Set your city on the Smart City map making a clear statement of intent on the future of the city

Smart City Audit

  • Show your investors that your project will grow for as long as possible, open to new investments and transparent.
  • Join the other cities that attract massive investment in their communities!


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John Marwel


Within this program, we can deliver to governments and cities the possibility of implementing Smart City projects from idea (vision) to the final stage of implementation.

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