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Smart City Financing


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of a smart city smart project, funding has to be assessed as a potential for access and success from the first development phases of the project.
Together with our partners in International Banks, Private and Governmental Investment Funds, we are ready to provide the necessary funding.

We are ready to work to establish a leading cutting edge and to create the finance facility that will support cities in developing Smart City Projects.
WSCO and its team of finance experts is already delivering financial guidelines for smart cities projects. We support you in Smart City Financing.

Our objective

Collaborative development environment
Our experts want the audit to get the recommendations and the municipality to understand the clear funding mechanisms. In this regard, experts will create funding models and will assist you throughout – until implementation. We want to become a catalyst for attracting the necessary funding and creating a project that will accelerate the development of the local business environment. We are a driver in the collaborative effort between entities.

Smart City Audit

Make the city more comparable and competitive advantages will be visible for investors. Through the Smart City Future Evaluation future investment and business location decisions become more transparent and efficient.

Need more details? Contact us. We are here to assist.


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WSCO will invest 500 million euros in Smart City projects

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