Smart city to have hi-tech solid waste management

AGRA: Poor waste management, which has been a major problem in the city, will be dealt with under the smart citydevelopment project as Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) plans to use high-tech projects to upgradation of solid waste management system and put a check on irregularities in the garbage collection, transportation and disposal of waste in the city. Also, modern pollution sensors will be installed in different areas.

Municipal comissioner Indravikram Singh said, “Under the smart city project, a six-stage plan has been developed for the upgradation of municipal solid waste management. We are going to incorporate various modern technology to ensure cleanliness in the city.”
As per the plan, 2.93 lakh hi-tech dustbins tagged with radio frequency identification (RFID) systems will be installed. These dustbins will be tracked global positioning system enabled garbage collection vehicles. These vehicles before unloading at dumpsite will pass through sensor-based weighbridge and CCTV surveillance.

AMC is already working on developing facility to convert waste into energy. For this, a modern waste processing centre will be setup. According to the AMC officials all functions under these six stages will be monitored by a hi-tech command and control centre.
 Under the plan, 1,600 street sweepers will be given GPS-enabled devices. Through this sweepers will be in continues link with the control centre, a pan-city toilet locator mobile application will be launched.
Presently, due to improper waste management system, heaps of garbage lie scattered at various places around the city. As per an estimate, on an average 750 metric tonne waste is generated in the city every day. Out of this, only 350 is transported to Kuberpur dumpsite and rest is disposed at different places around the city. A large portion of this is openly burnt, which causes harm to the Taj Mahal and adds to environmental pollution.
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