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Smart Mobility


Improving the infrastructure of a city is an important step in the journey of a smart city towards efficiency and sustainability. The need for intelligent mobility has arisen due to the increasing tendency of urbanization, which causes traffic congestion with the derived side effects, such as pollution, road accidents and waste of time. Intelligent mobility refers to the use of means of transport together, or even instead of personal vehicles. Solutions can take different forms, such as ride-sharing, car-sharing, public transportation, walking, cycling and more.
Cities need smart infrastructure to collect and process a vast amount of information obtained in real time, using sensors and technology, and to provide the most efficient transportation services to citizens. Integrated intelligent transport systems can connect residents with key locations such as workplaces and educational institutions and facilitate access to new opportunities.

Smart Mobility projects aim to make transport systems smarter, safer and more efficient by using new digital technologies. In general, such solutions help to decongest traffic, provide a quality public transportation system and improve the quality of the breathable air. Smart Mobility is a smart move for the future!

Smart Mobility
• Urban traffic management (SM-TU)
• Public transport (SM-TP)
• Transport infrastructure (SM-IT)
• Smart infrastructure (SM – II)
• Logistics (SM-LO)
• Accessibility (SM-AC)
• Alternative modes of transport (SM-MA)
• Multimodal transport (SM-TM)

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