Constantin Tomescu

Global Vice President

Constantin Tomescu is one of the pioneers in the retail & real estate industry. Thanks to his strong determination and experience, he has succeeded to finalize projects in Romania of 1 billion euro with foreign private investments.

Over the past decade, along with his team and business partners, he has opened about 10.000 new positions, directly or indirectly connected to the related business.

For the last five years, Mr. Tomescu has developed the biggest Property and Facility Management company in the country – BMF GRUP, having full coverage of Romania and branches in London and Dubai.

In 2016, Mr. Tomescu was elected as vice mayor of one of the most populated districts of Bucharest, the 6th one. From this position, he has been supporting actively the implementation of IT&C solutions to have efficient public services for citizens and to lower the environmental impact. Thus, his team has improved communication, managing to meet the citizens’ needs and demands.

This will help all the administrative and political leaders make the best decisions concerning impact and efficiency.

  • Istanbul and Dubai