Larbi Ben Tili

President for Africa

Larbi Ben Tili Born on July 15, 1966, in Djerba, Tunisia
Computer engineer certified by Red Hat RHCE, president of the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Guidance and Guidelines (ATCOGEN), founder of the event Megara Challenges, founder Megara network of sustainable cities and responsible smart city and GIS La Marsa.
He is particularly interested in research and IOT. After having a long and good experience since 1989 in several areas such as computer security system, database, maintenance and wiring, programming, development of websites and applications and after the Tunisian revolution there was a huge environmental crisis in all Tunisian regions Mr. Larbi took the initiative to found and organize the Megara challenges event which is an international inter-municipal competition.
This event has the following competition theme:
Open Cities, Digital Inclusion, Innovative Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities, Government and Service, Co-operative Cities.
These themes are inspired by the study in 2016 where Mr. Larbi participated in the development of the second edition of “SMART CITIES STUDY 2017” with the Commission of Digital Cities and Knowledge of UCLG. His integration with the WEGO organization in 2016 gave him the opportunity to present his smart city project, which he was working on it since 2014.
Mr. Larbi Ben Tili’s ambition now is to create a platform for the exchange of experience in local governance between Tunisia, which is the gate and portal of Africa, and the whole world.
one of his dreams is to realize the smart city academy and his meeting with Mr. Eduard gave him this opportunity to realize his project.

  • Tunisia and Africa