Uber offers Paris data to help city planners

Uber is opening up its travel data in Paris to help city officials and urban planners better understand transport needs, in what is said to be an attempt to “woo” city authorities.

The companycollects huge amounts of data from trips taken by customers and Reuters reports it has already started to make it available for a number of cities including Washington DC, Sydney and Boston.

“We get asked all the time ‘Is there any way you can share more data? We’d love to see where people are traveling in our city’,” Adam Gromis, who is responsible for environmental sustainability at Uber, told Reuters.

The service, called Uber Movement, shows how long it takes to make a journey between two points in a city at different times of the day.

Reuters says Uber is making the data available via a free website which can be accessed by anyone with an Uber account, but it is aimed particularly at city planners. (movement.uber.com)

It says that, to respect users’ privacy, Uber Movement uses only aggregated anonymised data.

Source: Smart Highways

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