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Monday, October 18, 2021

What we do


Audit – Recommendations – Partnerships – Financing – Implementing

Within our organization, we have over 100 international experts in the most important areas and vertical of the Smart City Industry.
from Smart Mobility and Transport, IoT, Big Data, Environment, Energy, E-gov to Smart Citizen, we guarantee that we work with people with experience of at least five years in their areas of excellence, well-known professionals, internationally recognized and they have an impeccable image.

The main program developed by WSCO is #BuildMyCIty, and within this program, we can deliver to governments and cities the possibility of implementing Smart City projects from idea (vision) to the final stage of implementation.

The goal of our program (#BuildMyCity) is to evaluate Cities and Smart City Projects, to make an audit with the best specialists and experts and then come up with a clear set of recommendations.
Our Audit includes the analysis of the projects already implemented, their integration into the future project as well as a set of recommendations on the planning and priorities of the community.
Our model (audit and recommendations) includes implementing various projects in collaboration with experts, private companies, global initiatives, and finding financing sources.
Our organization can manage the implementation of a Smart City project from the initial idea stage to its delivery to the community – in all these stages we provide the best experts in the fields, the highest level partners and, where necessary, we propose financing sources.

From Europe to Asia and from the US to Africa, we are witnessing accelerated urbanization all over the world. Communities and decision-makers need us – we are here and we are ready!

Experience has taught us that it is extremely important for these projects to establish partnerships between the public and private sectors. WSCO deals with the intersectoral development of partnerships and the realization of a Smart City Project. A good Smart City Project is built on four main pillars – Public Institutions, Academia, Private Companies and, obviously, Civil Society.

Our Mission:
Creating the Smart City Industry!

Our Vision:
Developing the biggest Smart City community in the world!

In fact, what is our organization doing?
We take the concept of quadruple helix alongside the industry’s main verticals and support all those interested in launching smart city projects.

Private and Public Sector + Promoting the Smart City Concept through leaders = our services:
Legal advice for Public-Private Partnership
Programs and Projects
Networking and Lobby
Smart City Audit
Smart City Strategy
Legal Issues Consultancy